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Ready to Rep Your School?

College Signing Day is right around the corner. On May 1st, high school seniors across the country will announce to everyone - via social media mostly - which college or university they will attend in the Fall. (Actually, it kind of goes on all month). College signing day and the time between it and graduation are extremely exciting for students (and parents). So if you don’t already have your college t-shirt, pennants, balloons and everything else ready to share your choice, what are you waiting for?!

Before you announce your decision and commit to a school, I remind you to make your decision based on what’s right for YOU. Being admitted to a school is a big deal. It speaks to all the hard work you put in. Committing to a school is great when it’s a college/university where you can see yourself for the next 4-5 years. You’ve probably already considered these factors, but they’re worth repeating. As you decide on a school, there are so many things to consider:

· Availability of academic major

· Accreditation

· Licensure (if your future career requires it)

· Financial aid award (if applicable)

· Location/Geographic region

· Climate/Weather

· Size of city/area

· Distance from home

There are schools that have a certain status or may be the school to attend, but they may not be a good fit for you. No need to second guess your decision if you’ve gone through this process. However, if you feel on some level the decision was made my someone else, think it through. That’s not to say they’re wrong, just that you know yourself better than anyone else.

What’s important in all of this is choosing the school that’ll be a good fit for YOU. Sometimes you know as soon as you step on the campus of your dream school, if you’re able to visit. Sometimes you have to sleep on it or lay out all the pros and cons. Sometimes it’s hard to know if you’re making the right decision. However, when you do a gut check, things often become clear.

I totally understand if there are circumstances that prevent you from being able to attend your dream school. Cost of tuition coupled with award packages is often the determining factor for many students. Should you not receive the response and/or award that makes attending your first choice possible, go right on down the list to your second . . . or maybe your third.

This isn’t to say that sometimes the things we fall into or aren’t sure about don’t turn out to be exactly what we need. That does happen and often unforeseen circumstances put us exactly where we need to be.

The point is that college is where you will spend the next few years of your life. Yes, listen to the guidance and opinions of the people in your life who matter – family, friends, mentors, coaches – but do what is right for you! So do the gut check, make your decision, commit to your college, then post away! I can't wait to see all the photos on my timeline.


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