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You've Been Admitted to College! Do You Know the Numbers?

How excited (and sometimes anxious) are you when you receive an email from one of the colleges on your list? It may seem as though your friends are receiving theirs before you and you're getting a little impatient, then excited again when that email pops up.

Just like you, high school seniors all across the country are experiencing that right now. While some students applied early and have known for a while, this is the time of year when the bulk of acceptances are rolling in. In the midst of all the excitement, students want to make the best decision about where they will begin their adult lives. College is where you'll develop into the person and professional you want to be.

Before you make that decision, we encourage all students look beyond the shiny and dig into the things that will make a difference for you. Consider these things:

· Graduation rates in your major

· Time to degree in your major

· Licensure rates (if applicable)

· Employment rates

· Average student loan debt at graduation

There are other graduation stats you’ll want to find if you are a woman, transgender, minority, veteran, etc. Find out as much as you can about graduation, licensure, and employment based on YOUR profile. If you’re in STEM, your first-year math class can also affect your time to degree, so check that out. Pull back the curtain on everything that can potentially impact your educational journey, academically, professionally and financially.

The goal is for you to get as much information as possible before you commit to a school. You may very well stick with your initial decision, but being armed with the numbers means you’ll know what to expect when you arrive on campus.


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