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College Ready Intensives

The College Ready Intensive is offered prior to the beginning of each semester.  CRI is a two-part, 4-hour intensive workshop designed to provide first-year students the strategies to create habits of success, develop study skills, and navigate the college environment.

College Ready Workshops

Tassel to Tassel offers a variety of workshops that address everything from choosing a college major to adopting a college ready mindset. We also offer workshop series for organizations that choose to enlist our 20+ years of experience and knowledge.

Coaching Programs

We offer coaching programs to suit the needs of first- (and second-) year college students.  Whether you want the academic confidence that comes with knowing how to navigate the college environment OR the peace of mind knowing your student is being knowledgeably guided college to success, we're here for you.  Schedule your consultation call today.  

College Ready 101

College Ready 101 is a field guide to a successful freshman year and your pocket-sized college coach.  Within the covers are 50 tips for navigating many of the situations you'll encounter as a first-year college student.

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