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Admission is just the beginning.

Tassel to Tassel wants more college bound students to actually be college ready.  

We empower college freshmen to successfully navigate their environment and effectively use campus resources.  Through academic life coaching, webinars, and workshops we teach students strategies to maximize their college experience.


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Virtual 2-Session Workshop

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At Tassel to Tassel, we believe your college transcript isn't a reflection of your intellect so much as it's a reflection of the decisions you make.  Our goal is to help you graduate on time, with a competitive GPA, and to improve your post-graduation options - all by making good decisions.  This happens through developing self-awareness, engaging in the educational process, and learning how to successfully navigate the college landscape.

Orientation,Done Your Way

Your first official activity as a college freshman is orientation.  You can get all the information you need without being overwhelmed.

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Freshman Jump Start

 Jump Start is one of many T2T services designed to make the transition to college easier (for students and parents).


College success happens when you build your team.  If you want Tassel to Tassel on your team, let's talk about it.  

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