Frequently asked questions

Who does Tassel to Tassel serve?

Tassel to Tassel's primary audience is college freshmen. However, we recognize that getting #collegeready starts before you get there and is also a family affair. We have material geared toward high school juniors and seniors and their parents. Check out the Services page to find what works for you.

What does it cost?

T2T live academic coaching program (Jump Start and Fresh Start) are $500. The asynchronous version of those programs is $129. Both are delivered through the Teachable online platform.

Do you work with individual students or groups?

The short answer is BOTH. The Tassel to Tassel academic year program is a group coaching program that will guide you through the freshman year. The group model is important because as part of a freshman cohort, you have a group of peers who will share your experiences and can serve as a resource for you. There are also opportunities for individual coaching with Tassel to Tassel. Contact us to schedule a call to assess your coaching needs.

How do I get started?

You can contact us through the site to schedule an initial consultation to determine if there is a good fit with you and Tassel to Tassel. You can also check out our online modules (coming soon) to get a sample of the sessions.

What is Tassel to Tassel?

Tassel to Tassel is a college success and transition support program. The focus in on the first year, teaching students strategies to navigate their new environment, establish relationships with faculty and staff, and effectively use campus resources. It's academic life coaching for college freshmen.