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Greatness is More Than a Notion

By now you’ve probably heard all the buzz about LeBron James breaking Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s all-time NBA scoring record. We know #KingJames is very good at what he does. He clearly accomplishes those things he puts his mind to.

Did you know he didn’t plan to break Kareem’s record. Matter of fact, he says it wasn’t a goal and that he didn’t think about it until he started seeing his numbers. Not that he couldn’t have achieved it had he made it a goal. The point is that he focused on being a great basketball player, dot period.

The workouts, practices, mindset and approach to being a great play on his team, got him there. The goal was to be great. The record was secondary. What’s the point? The point is to be great at what you do. Someone told me you can see results by doing the common things uncommonly well. When you do things uncommonly well, you're considered great at them. How does that happen ? Consistency is the key.

Greatness – whether it’s a solid GPA or an athletic record, comes from consistency.

As a student, no matter what year, you can be great. Even if you don’t start out great, you can grow to greatness. Sometimes you can achieve your goals by happenstance. Long-term, sustainable success comes from planning. Set your goals – SMART goals – and with that, create your plan. Make the “A” in SMART goals stand for “actionable.” Create your plan. Work your plan. Track your progress if you struggle with being consistent. And hold yourself accountable.

Accountability isn’t about making yourself feel guilty or shaming, it’s you looking out for your future self. Whether you realize or not, you have an idea of where you want to be at the end of this academic year and the end of your college career. So why not make sure you get there by being intentional?

Not sure exactly how to get started or need some help staying on track? Email me with your challenge or schedule a quick call to chat about it.


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