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Admission Is
Just The Beginning.

Tassel to Tassel wants more college bound students to actually be college ready.  


We know you have the grades and intellect for college admission, and we want to get you to the next level.  Between office hours, developing new study skills and balancing class with your social life, you're doing a lot and managing new responsibilities.  Being a good college student requires different skills than being a good high school student.  It all starts first semester with the right mindset.  Freshman year lays the foundation for your college experience and you can improve your options after graduation by having the right people on your team.

The Shift From High School to College Starts Here

At Tassel to Tassel, we believe your college transcript isn't a reflection of your intellect so much as it's a reflection of the decisions you make.  Our goal is to help you graduate on time, with a competitive GPA, and to improve your post-graduation options - all by making good decisions.  This happens through developing self-awareness, engaging in the educational process, and learning how to successfully navigate the college landscape.  The services and resources below are how we help you start the process.

Notebook and Pen
Dr. Dee Says

So many things about college can feel new and, sometimes, uncomfortable.  Let T2T walk you through some common situations with a quick post from our blog

College Ready 101

College Ready 101 is a field guide to a successful freshman year.  Within the covers are 50 tips for navigating many of the situations you'll encounter as a first-year college student.

Programs and Workshops

Tassel to Tassel has a number or programs and workshops designed to help you achieve the college success you want.


If you're ready to take charge of your college education, guided by 20+ years of experience, let Tassel to Tassel be your guide to college success. 

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